A message from a London Youth Worker

The first time I came to Wey Island for the Work Day back in 2017. We were made to feel so welcome . Since that day, I’ve been back to the Island numerous times, with lots and lots of young people, either to stay for a few days or for day trips. Every time, we have a great experience and never want to leave.

We have swum in the river, (even in the cold!) canoed, played volleyball, badminton, football, pool, table tennis, gymnastics and skipping. In addition, we also take cycle rides for miles along the River Wey and Thames, go on long walks around the area and have BBQs. Every time we make a campfire and sit around into the evening ,talking about life and things we’ve never spoken about before or never had the opportunity to share.

The sleeping facilities are basic but fine and it’s just lovely to wake up to silence or a donkey or a cow! To have the bikes and canoes on site is amazing and allows us such freedom and flexibility which really suits our young people, who are 13-19 year old young people from a refugee background.

It’s a magical place and it leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for what’s next. Even during the pandemic, because it is so isolated, we could bring small groups of young people to the Island for day trips which was so good for their mental health and general well-being. It’s easy to get there from London but you feel like you’re in a different world!

We will be back again next year!


It was so much fun racing each other on the river and it was good to be able to have a barbecue too. Would love to sleep over next time
Joshie aged 14

I had so much fun playing on the river all day with my friends, followed by a delicious bbq and warming fire on the deck in the dark!
I really enjoyed camping on the island by ourselves and would love to do it again next year
Dylan aged 14



When I went to Wey river, I found it lovely. It was peaceful and like our own little island. They had lots of canoes and kayaks. The river was stunning.

When I went to The Wey Island, it was like being on a totally different world. We had a peaceful area all to ourselves and we loved the barbeque. As well as this, we got to try out different kayaks, which was great, although it was very tiring to go upriver! I had an amazing time and would love to go back
Eddie aged 12



“kayaking was good, until I capsized!”
Naomi aged 13

“It’s an experience that you just want to do again”
Shauna aged 16